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We believe the best way to protect your antique furniture, is to use a good quality beeswax polish, this should be aplied three or four times a year. The wax should be applied sparingly with a soft cloth and then polished off with clean piece of cloth; a good finish comes with rubbing rather than lots of layers of wax, try to avoid using silicon based sprays as they leave a film between the layers of wax that can be very hard to remove oils can also be a problem as they attract dirt and may darken the wood .Be careful when using a feather duster as they may scratch the surface with damaged quills and can also snag on loose veneers and metalwork. Intricate areas such as mouldings &Carvings clean these areas with a soft brush. We also provide a professional antique furniture cleaning service that is carried out in our restoration workshop or in your own home.


Don't display furniture near direct heat sources as this can cause shrinkage, it may loosen joints and veneers and cause the wood to twist over a period of time.Direct sunlight can fade furniture so can high intensity artificial light, use blinds or curtains to reduce light levels.Before moving furniture, remove drawers and lock doors so they don't open accidentally,Furniture should be padded and covered for transport, lifting your antiques should be done with care. Check for loose areas, when lifting tables carry by the aprons or the legs rather than the top, which could come off.Chairs should be lifted (not dragged) by the seat rather than the arms or backs