We are Yorkshire’s Grandfather Clock specialists

Laurel Bank Antiques is a family run business passed down from father to son. We specialise in clocks including Grandfather clocks, antique grandfather clocks, longcase clocks, moonphase clocks, tallcase clocks, automata clocks, longcase clocks, wall clocks, mantel and carriage clocks and Georgian,Victorian&Edwardian antique furniture.

Laurel Bank Antiques services include:
Antique Grandfather Clock sourcing,

French polishing
Painted clock dial restoration

What Makes us Tick?

Kevin Lamb, the owner of Laurel Bank Antiques, passion for grandfather clocks and antiques dates back to when he was working with his father, aged just twelve years old. Kevin was curious about what ‘antique’ meant and his father explained that antiques are over one hundred years old. This captured Kevin’s imagination, thinking about the history of antiques and the special memories that they hold for their owners – often being passed down from one generation to another.

Clock Sourcing Service

If you are looking for a specific clock from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian period – French, German, Swiss, American or British makers then please call 01904 411100 and we will try to source one for you. It’s possible that we may already have the very clock you are looking for. Alternatively you may like to arrange an appointment to view our clocks to get some ideas about the type of clock you would prefer.

Restoration Services

Laurel Bank is highly accredited in a wide range of antique restoration services. We use restoration skills and specialist knowledge to provide appropriate and sympathetic conservation and restoration treatments for historically important furniture and interior woodwork in the north of England. We are leading specialists in 18th, 19th and 20th Century furniture restoration and renovation. We would love to hear from you regarding any piece of furniture that you would like lovingly restoring.

Grandfather Clocks' Yorkshire Origins

Did you know term “Grandfather clock” wasn’t used for longcase clocks (also known as tallcase clocks) until 1875 when a gentleman named Henry Clay Work composed a song entitled “My Grandfather’s Clock” in tribute to a tallcase clock standing in the George Hotel in North Yorkshire. The clock was said to have stopped and never work again after the grandfather of the innkeeper died. You may know it?